HUGO x Bella Poarch: Where Fashion Meets Gen Z Culture

Dive into the electric world of HUGO x Bella Poarch, where fashion, music, and Gen Z culture converge in style.

On the night of September 15th, the biggest names in entertainment, social media, and content creation gathered to celebrate the launch of the HUGO x Bella Poarch joint collection during London Fashion Week. The collection was unveiled in a night filled with live DJ sessions, digital art, and top names in international fashion, all set against the exceptional backdrop of London’s Flannels X space. The event was an explosive blend of music and sound, showcasing one of HUGO’s boldest collections to date, courtesy of the reigning social media queen, Bella Poarch.

HUGO’s Courtesy

Bella Poarch, renowned for her viral lip-sync videos and meteoric rise as a content creator, is a true icon of the Gen Z generation and has been an ambassador for the HUGO brand for several seasons. With her fem-punk style, a burgeoning music career in the pop-grunge genre, and her fearless attitude, Bella is a key collaborator for HUGO, a brand that champions originality, authenticity, and personal expression.

To celebrate her success and introduce the new capsule, HUGO transformed the Flannels X space, where fashion, art, and music converge, into a Bellaverse. This immersive experience highlighted Bella’s artistic talent, personality, and brand presence, encompassing her influence in the realms of music, social media, and gaming. The Bellaverse featured three central themes (Cyber-Punk, Code Red, and Intergalactic) unveiled through astonishing interactive experiences, including an AI-powered selfie capsule, offering visitors a unique and enchanting experience.

HUGO’s Courtesy

In the Flannels X basement event area, floor-to-ceiling LED screens projected animated videos and spectacular images created by digital artist Gabriel Massan, seamlessly transitioning to create a vast virtual sensory narrative space. Moreover, for 24 hours, HUGO took over the exterior screens of the Flannels building to showcase images from the HUGO x Bella Poarch campaign, captivating passersby. Inside the Flannels X basement, large TV screens displayed the same dynamic scenes as the LED screens.

Bella Poarch joined forces with TSHA for a DJ session, debuting her new single “CRUSH.” Exclusive performances by other artists like Tamera and Marie set the night’s rhythm, infusing boundless energy and a rebellious attitude with danceable hits that had attendees on their feet. Bella Poarch also shared smiles and posed for photos with ten lucky meet-and-greet winners. Many other guests, including Abby Roberts, Lola Clark, Kenza Boutriz, Feli Verena Greipel, and Eva Garnier, showcased the new HUGO x Bella Poarch collection or looks from HUGO’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

The HUGO x Bella Porch capsule collection embodies Bella’s world, unapologetic rebellion, and limitless creativity. It features bold and youthful designs that blend HUGO’s codes of individuality with Bella’s grunge and glamour, including acid-washed jeans in shades of grey and slate, distressed garments, T-shirts adorned with Bella’s face and name, an oversized blazer, a hooded sweatshirt, glossy black Chelsea-style boots, high-heeled boots, and an asymmetric handbag with chains.

This limited-edition capsule will be exclusively available at Flannels X Pop Up Spaces in London, Liverpool, and Sheffield, as well as on for six days starting from September 15th. Furthermore, the HUGO x Bella Poarch collection will be globally available, both in stores and on, starting from September 20th. The HUGO x Bella Poarch collaboration is a perfect example of how fashion can seamlessly blend with Gen Z culture in an exciting and authentic manner.

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